Our Earth



Climate chanOur Earthge is no longer just a catchphrase or buzzword. It is real and it is undeniable and whether we notice it or not, it is affecting our lives. It affects the air we breathe, the food we eat and the general sustainability of the human race here on earth. A large part of the world has caught up with this truth and is actively making efforts to ameliorate the situation. However, in Nigeria, this not exactly the case.

This is not to say there is a total lack of awareness or that nothing is being done. It just means that as with a lot of things, we are a bit too slow in our response. For a country to embrace a green lifestyle, several policies need to be put in place and even with that, it is a gradual but deliberate process. We may not be able provide accessible and quality healthcare for ourselves, construct good roads or build schools, but we can treat the earth with a lot more kindness. This is something we can do as individuals because like it or not whatever happens to the environment directly or indirectly affects us.

There are several ways we can help save the environment. Some of the are;

  1. Do not litter: It seems really simple but this is something we have made a habit of as Nigerians. Not only is littering unsightly, it is not helping the environment and can result in far more complicated circumstances like blocked drainages which can culminate in flooding.
  2. Switch off lights when not in use. It saves energy and the environment.
  3. Use eco-friendly electric bulbs. This is another way you can conserve energy.
  4. Switch off devices/appliances when not in use.
  5. Recycle
  6. Walk: Sometimes, you want to go to a place that isn’t far from you and the weather is favorable, you can just walk. Cars are one of the biggest sources of pollution.
  7. Plant trees/flowers in your house: trees don’t only provide shade on a sunny day or beautify your house, they absorb carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas.

The universe boasts of several planets. Currently, earth is the only one humans can live in. We do not have another home, we do not have another earth. Earth is for you and me, it is ours. We can only save earth if we come together as individuals and make intentional efforts at green living.

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