The Greenhouse Effect and Why the Earth is Getting Warmer

A greenhouse is a house made of glass that is used for farming all year round. It stays warm inside regardless of external temperature thus allowing plants grow unhindered. The greenhouse.jpggreenhouse stays warm because when heat from the sun enters it during the day, it is trapped by the glass and so it isn’t able to escape back into the atmosphere.

The earth can be likened to a very large greenhouse as the same principle applies to it. Gases in the atmosphere like carbon dioxide are greenhouse gases which on a good day help keep the earth warm. However, the volume at which these gases are released has adverse effects on the environment. This is what is known as global warming. It happens when a large volume of greenhouse gases cannot escape into space and are trapped in the atmosphere.

Two major greenhouse gases occur naturally. They are Carbon dioxide and Methane. Carbon dioxide is responsible for 63 percent of global warming overtime and 91 percent of global warming in the last 5 years. This gas is produced by burning fossil fuels like crude oil and coal. Methane on the other hand, is responsible for 19 percent of global warming and is produced from anything that rots naturally without air.

Global warming and the greenhouse effect might seem ambiguous but it has undeniable impact on our lives. It affects the quality of air we breathe, plant yield, ocean acidity and marine life and it can be a cause of some extreme weather incidents.

Climate change is not something we can ignore anymore and in our next article, we will learn how we can be agents of environmental change in our own little way.

Gbemileke Anthony

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