A Case for Waste Collection

It’s a cold Monday morning, waking up to enjoy the life I have chosen as a waste recycler and social entrepreneur or so I thought. Phone rings( just play that classic Nokia tune in your head;  yes that one), oh this has got to be a good day, whenever this person calls it’s for business. After exchanging pleasantries, “Femi, do you have a contact for 100Tons of PET flakes”, my engineering maths skills kicked in, ahhh 100tons!!!!!, I have hit the jackpot. I assured this person I would source for it, while brainstorming on who can give me 100tons of PET flakes within one month, a message comes in “Hi Femi, I need 50 Tons of PET flakes cold washed” wait what is happening exactly? could this be a coincidence?

PET Scrap

In the space of 3 days, I had received over 5 different offers for PET flakes that I began to think “Abi  PET flakes Is the cure for COVID 19 or probably there’s a PET apocalypse”. I began looking in drainages, waterways, and illegal dumpsites, all the while thinking there shouldn’t be a single PET bottle here, but there they were some shining in their newness while others beaten to sheets by passing vehicles, all staring at me like “Oga we still dey here oo, Naso we see am too”.

So, why is there is a sudden demand for Recycled PET, while our dumpsites, pathways and drainages are still filled with plastics but we are still being offered annoyingly LOW prices from buyers, I will be providing some answers in my next post.

Written by:

Owoeye Femi Emmanuel

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