A case for Recycling Support

Have you seen the latest news on the plan of the government to remove subsidy on petrol completely? Well, I know you have seen it somewhere. I mean, petrol is a major part of our lives as Nigerians, from “I pass my neighbour” generators to Okada to Keke and our favourite Toyota cars. We basically depend on this thing.

Today I am not talking about petrol subsidy. However, my heart beats faster at the sheer thought of it since most of our operations are directly related to the oil sector. Transportation of goods from collection points to our facilities, our baling operation is totally dependent on diesel 24/7, sending the processed goods to companies. Everything we do depends on either diesel or petrol, but like we say, we MEUVE.

Now that you may partly understand my pain, you would agree with me that the recycling business needs all the support we can lay our hands on. Waste collection and recycling is already hard in itself, and now we are adding this to our pain.

This brings me to the importance of the work that The Food and Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA) is doing through waste bazaar, they are a life saver. With support from organizations like FBRA, we have been weathering this storm silently. One classic example of how the support from FBRA has enhanced our business was when our machine broke down. It was easy to order the damaged component on the machine and continue working, and I just imagine sometimes if this support was not available, how we would have scaled through after coming out of the COVID period with so many struggles.

This has helped us transition well by increasing our capacity. This means more plastics are taken off the environment and more jobs created for the underserved part of our population.

There are more instances that this support has helped our business weather the storm, but let me just stop here. What is my point in all of this? As subsidy is being removed from a critical part of our business, it is important that we are able to get support to continue the work we do as employers of labour and as a critical sector in the fight against pollution.

1 thought on “A case for Recycling Support”

  1. Well articulated! The recycling venture deserves all the support it can get, especially when we consider the capital intensive nature of the business and the declining state of the economy. The benefits of recycling to society is evident and it’s quite unfortunate that despite its enormous importance, it receives low support from government, international organizations and investors. This narrative has to change.


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